Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well, this is Jason. I figured I would put my two cents worth in. There are very few pictures of me and I am invovled in little as well. I tend to have a very busy schedule that I hope will soon start to free up. Lately all I hae been doing is work and school. I started back to school last month. I have felt a great desire to finish my bachelors degree. I quick workiing on it when we had Aryn. Once she was gone I never got back to it. Thanks to a great friend and mentor I was encouraged and motivated to get back to school.

Also, I have been working on my dune buggy quite a bit lately. We are getting really close to putting the engine back in it. And hopefully soon I will be a ble to start painting it. If I can find a good sample of the paint I will post it.

Thanks for listening. I will check back later.