Thursday, September 24, 2009


We finally have our test results! First let me say that yes it is a girl!!! Jason wouldn't believe it until we had DNA proof. Well babe now you have your proof! It's a girl. We are being given the privilege to raise another angel. Our little girl has the same unbalanced chromosome as Aryn had. If you want the medical name it is partial trisome6 partial monosome3. This a familiar road to us. We don't consider this bad news. It is not what we hoped for, but we are at peace. The nervous feelings I have had for the last two weeks anticipating the results are finally gone. Now we know and we will take it one step at a time. We feel blessed and privilege to be trusted with such a special child again. We know how hard it is, but Aryn taught us many things. Just to name a few; we can do anything with the Lords help, he has a divine plan, and our challenges in life truly make us better. How could we be anything but grateful. I think the hardest part is the knowledge that her life will not be as long. So, here we go again. Oh, to add to the irony, the baby is due in February. What is it with that month and my family? Crazy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music, Yeah!!

Sunday night Sandy and I sat and were checking out other peoples blogs. Yes we were blog surfing. I kept coming across music on other peoples blogs and decided that I wanted music on ours. Almost every blog we were on had tons of country music. Not being a major fan of country music (when I listen to it my sister's get more attractive)(Not saying anything negative about my sis's either)(good for sis's, bad for country comment). Yes that was a redneck joke. But seriously I really don't enjoy listening to country. so I put together a play list. I tried to touch a few different genre's yet also tried to keep it mellow. Sandy said I needed some kid's songs on there. So I put those. We recently watched August Rush and I loved the music so I grabbed a couple of those. I put one of a Hawaiian singer that I REALLY enjoy. I even touched on classic rock as well as some techno. I also chose some comedy songs that I really like. There are two songs on here that are important. One is the first song that Sandy and I danced to, the other is one that Sandy REALLY hates. The first is probably easy to figure out. The other might not be so easy. You decide. I like them all and will try to change them occasionally. I hope you enjoy and if you don't oh well. My intent on the music was to be able to put some on there that you wouldn't mind coming to our blog and just let the music play. I can't put all the music that I like because that would probably weird some people out and my music tastes. Well that's enough rambling for one night. Until next time, Same bat time, Same bat channel.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I just randomly shot this picture last week. My kids are amazing! I love them each individually. Kieva is a hunger for learning stage. She wants so much more. I have a mission to do better at home school. I need to order more books for her and turn her loose. She could learn more on her own then I could ever teach her. She loves to read especially when her dad is reading the same book and racing her. I actually ask her how to spell words sometimes. She wants to learn Latin, so I decided I would turn that one over to Jason. His first home school assignment. Kieva said she would get up at 5:30 if that's what it takes. I wish we didn't have to eat or clean or shower then we could study all the time about anything we wanted. Zak is a little explorer. I think he's a bit frustrated that we don't watch tv or play video games much. Maybe someday he'll thank me. We are having fun doing the tiger scout program with him. His school request is to study animals. When I asked him what kind of books he wants to be reading he said "Easy to read books about animals." He's one of those kids who would rather read the encyclopedia than a fiction book. He loves to invent things. We all have him pegged as an inventor of some kind. He has great ideas. His other request for school was to learn how things work. The other day I let them dismantle our broken VCR. Geoffrey is happiness. He makes us all smile. He is a lot of work. It takes all of us to keep up with him. He is fully potty trained. It was his idea and I can say now it was a good one. He had no qualms with the toilet. He loves it. The other day we found him dunking his head in it. I was so grossed out while Kieva and Zak thought it was hilarious. He can dribble a basket ball really well and kick a ball across the room. He must do everything himself. This morning I caught him on the kitchen floor eating a bottle of ketchup. He said he was just watching it. I really need a lock for my fridge. His disaster trail has inspired a major purge and organization frenzy. Although I have made things more of a mess. He gives the best hugs and kisses. When he'll give one up. He loves learning. He knows several letters, has most of his books memorized, Can count to 6 sometimes higher, and knows several of his colors. He makes the cutest I love you fingers. I am counting my blessings 1, 2, 3, 4, . . . 5! I am so excited the Lord is blessing us with one more.


Since I never update my blog I dout anyone will see this. Still maybe it will help me a little. We are expecting. Given our history it is always a little scary at first for us. I have miscarried twice since Geoff. I am 16 weeks now. On Friday we went and had an amnio done. Yes, they stuck a 6 in. long needle into my belly. I did not look. Jason just watched on the screen to make sure they didn't poke our little nugget. Five weeks ago we had an ultrasound that showed extra fluid behind the babys neck. Of course they had a fancy name for it. It is a huge marker for cromosome abnormalities. So we assumed we were having another trisome6 baby. We are very much at peace with this although I was a little surprised. Aryn was the best two years of our life, so how could we complain. The ultrasound on Friday went very well. The baby looked great. She (yes I said she) was growing great, had a strong heart, the fluid behind the neck was gone, aminotic fluid was great, overall she looked like a perfectly healthy baby. They did notice a little bright spot on her heart. It doesn't mean much. The doc says they always go away it is just a minor marker for chromosome abnormalities. At the end he says there is probably a 50/50 chance here for a tri 6 baby. We just have to wait 10 days for the test results to come back. Ahhh 10 days. I am going crazy. I am happy with either outcome, but I just want to know. In the mean time I am happy to know we are having a girl. Jason says we have to wait to get the test back before he'll believe it. I say it fits our pattern; girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. So the waiting game begins. I asked them to give the results to Jason. I would rather him tell me the results instead of me telling him. He thinks it's great and I hope he doesn't tourcher me with it.