Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

For memorial day each year our ward has a memorial day breakfast. The youth were in charge of it this year.  So here is the breakfast.

 This afternoon we went on a bike ride with some friends. We rode to a lake. Here are the boys way up on the life guard chair.

 And again for the second time in the past 5 days we are at Nelsons! It just opened last Saturday we totally like this place!!! 

Grandma and Grandpa

On Saturday we went downtown to get hotdogs (yum!!). There was a beautiful fountain.  We (start playing Mary Poppins) fed the birds ( tuppins a bag). 
St. Paul is the home town of the man who wrote Charlie Brown. So there are statues of Charlie Brown and other characters from Charlie Brown scattered all over St. Paul.  

This beauty is the James J Hill house. It is complete with 13 bathrooms, 22 fireplaces, 16 chandeliers, a reception hall nearly 100 feet long, a two story skylit art gallery, and a playroom which originally had a piano a stage and chests of dress up.  It is soooo pretty.
Nelson's ice cream is the BEST place in MN to get ice cream. It has even been named one of the top 25 place to get ice cream in the world!  The reason it is sooo amazing is because the give you a TON of ice cream for a GREAT price it is sooooo great.
Thank you sooo much for visiting Grandma and Grandpa we love you!!!


Dad's Graduation was on Friday!!! Yay!!!  
 A Superman pose because he is Superman!!!
 A well deserved hug.
 If you look you can see my Dad.
 The family with the superman.
 Yup that is right he has got the power!
 The boys with there AMAZING dad !!!
 And me with the my sooooooooo cool dad!
And of course a selfie.
 That guy kissing my dad (creepy!!) is his best friend from law school, Matt.
That lady in the yellow dress is my dad's favorite professor and that other dude is my dads best friend from law school . . . again.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Grandma and Grandpa are visiting for the graduation we figured we wanted them to feel welcome and we wanted dad to know how TOTALLY AWESOME he is.
He is growing up (crying)

Hug and kisses
 Nothing like a oversized hammer fight
 or an undersized hammer
Dad and his little girl.
More pictures to came (because who doesn't like pictures!!!)


This is Kieva. I am trying to post on our family blog frequently.  My mom decided to reupholster our living room chair and . . .  a long year later it is FINALLY done!!! Here is the before and  . . .

 AFTER!!!!! It was worth the wait even if the wait was a year long wait.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Minnesota History Museum's Prohabition

The Minnesota History Museum had a Prohibition while there we decide to get our picture taken with some famous outlaws . . .