Thursday, October 6, 2011


I know that is has been forever since we posted last. I have no excuse. We are in the planning stages of getting the blog updated on a regular basis, thanks to a great idea from family.

The reason this is getting posted on the blog is because I could not get it to attach in email.

Since coming to Minnesota, Ella has been getting AMAZING care. This state really knows how to treat its special kids. We recently received a prescription for a Passy Muir valve (Passy). For those that are unfamiliar with trach's, it is a one-way valve that allows the individual to breathe in through the valve, but to exhale, it has to go through the mouth or nose. In doing this, the air passes the voice box and the person can make noise. In case you haven't guessed where I am going with this, Ella can be quit noise with the valve on.

And now the rest of the story,

In school, the kids have been learning the elements and yesterday was Helium. Sandy bought some balloons at the store and brought them home. They only served the purpose of inhaling and talking funny. When Sandy got home with them, the balloons were brought into the family room where Ella was playing on the floor. After getting ahold of one the the balloon's ribbons, Ella started to laugh. She didn't have her valve on so it wasn't really audible, but you could tell it was a laugh.

So being the good parents we are, we took the balloons away. Put on the Passy. Turned on the camera and started to record.

By the way, I am no photographer, but here is a clip of it. Enjoy.

There are a couple of spots that the balloon hits the camera and it is quite loud. I apologize for the blown speakers.