Sunday, March 30, 2008


This weekend we had the 1st Annual Jones Family Dune trip. We left town Thursday evening for our six hour drive to the Imperial Sand dunes. We arrived at about 2:30 after a 45 minute search for a Walmart in Yuma. The first night was quite comical. Not wanting to set up a tent upon arrival we decided to sleep in the car. There was not much room with a packed car and five people so, Jason decided to sleep on the picnic table. It started out quite nice. If you have never been in the desert late at night, there is nothing to retain the heat. It ended up getting quite cold. Any ways to make a long story short, Rough night.

The next morning we were up and running. After feeding faces and getting dressed it was time to play. We rode sand rails and four wheelers for the next day and a half. The neat thing about sand dunes is that it isn't really dusty. The sand is so fine that there is virtually no dust. Pretty cool, eh? The down side is it gets every where. The slightest breeze and its in you ear, in you shorts, in your tent. EVERYWHERE!!

Friday after noon we were getting pretty warm. Erick asked if we wanted to go swimming. The general consensus was yes so we loaded up for the 10 minute drive to go swimming in the All American Canal. The All American Canal is part of the Colorado River that takes water into Mexico. There were rope swings and cold water to play with. We had fun. Jason and Sandy both swung from the ropes and jumped into the water.
All in all a really great weekend. No serious injuries. Just good fun !!!!!!!!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Did you think you could get by all annonymous and such? I blog surf all day long. You know I was bound to find you!

Andréa Morrow said...

hey Sandy I am glad you started a blog and JeniRae :) I need your email if you want to be invited to my blog: thanks!

McGee said...

hey how are you guys doing!!? its been forever! so i was thinking sandy next year you and i should try and get prego at the same time so we can be prego together!! how cool would that be!? think about it. love you guys!

BrandonBunch said...

Hey you need to update your blog....March was the last time you did and I know your lives are more exciting then that. :) I love you!!!