Sunday, September 13, 2009


Since I never update my blog I dout anyone will see this. Still maybe it will help me a little. We are expecting. Given our history it is always a little scary at first for us. I have miscarried twice since Geoff. I am 16 weeks now. On Friday we went and had an amnio done. Yes, they stuck a 6 in. long needle into my belly. I did not look. Jason just watched on the screen to make sure they didn't poke our little nugget. Five weeks ago we had an ultrasound that showed extra fluid behind the babys neck. Of course they had a fancy name for it. It is a huge marker for cromosome abnormalities. So we assumed we were having another trisome6 baby. We are very much at peace with this although I was a little surprised. Aryn was the best two years of our life, so how could we complain. The ultrasound on Friday went very well. The baby looked great. She (yes I said she) was growing great, had a strong heart, the fluid behind the neck was gone, aminotic fluid was great, overall she looked like a perfectly healthy baby. They did notice a little bright spot on her heart. It doesn't mean much. The doc says they always go away it is just a minor marker for chromosome abnormalities. At the end he says there is probably a 50/50 chance here for a tri 6 baby. We just have to wait 10 days for the test results to come back. Ahhh 10 days. I am going crazy. I am happy with either outcome, but I just want to know. In the mean time I am happy to know we are having a girl. Jason says we have to wait to get the test back before he'll believe it. I say it fits our pattern; girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. So the waiting game begins. I asked them to give the results to Jason. I would rather him tell me the results instead of me telling him. He thinks it's great and I hope he doesn't tourcher me with it.


Wendy said...


I was so ecited to hear your news. You are an amazing woman. Your faith and courage are inspiring to me. I will anxiously await the news of your test results.

Lots of love,

Angi said...

Congrats to you and your family Sandy! You can thank cousin Katy now for all the blog views you'll have. Hopefully everyone else will comment too so you know how much we miss and love you all :-) xoxo ~Angi