Sunday, September 13, 2009


I just randomly shot this picture last week. My kids are amazing! I love them each individually. Kieva is a hunger for learning stage. She wants so much more. I have a mission to do better at home school. I need to order more books for her and turn her loose. She could learn more on her own then I could ever teach her. She loves to read especially when her dad is reading the same book and racing her. I actually ask her how to spell words sometimes. She wants to learn Latin, so I decided I would turn that one over to Jason. His first home school assignment. Kieva said she would get up at 5:30 if that's what it takes. I wish we didn't have to eat or clean or shower then we could study all the time about anything we wanted. Zak is a little explorer. I think he's a bit frustrated that we don't watch tv or play video games much. Maybe someday he'll thank me. We are having fun doing the tiger scout program with him. His school request is to study animals. When I asked him what kind of books he wants to be reading he said "Easy to read books about animals." He's one of those kids who would rather read the encyclopedia than a fiction book. He loves to invent things. We all have him pegged as an inventor of some kind. He has great ideas. His other request for school was to learn how things work. The other day I let them dismantle our broken VCR. Geoffrey is happiness. He makes us all smile. He is a lot of work. It takes all of us to keep up with him. He is fully potty trained. It was his idea and I can say now it was a good one. He had no qualms with the toilet. He loves it. The other day we found him dunking his head in it. I was so grossed out while Kieva and Zak thought it was hilarious. He can dribble a basket ball really well and kick a ball across the room. He must do everything himself. This morning I caught him on the kitchen floor eating a bottle of ketchup. He said he was just watching it. I really need a lock for my fridge. His disaster trail has inspired a major purge and organization frenzy. Although I have made things more of a mess. He gives the best hugs and kisses. When he'll give one up. He loves learning. He knows several letters, has most of his books memorized, Can count to 6 sometimes higher, and knows several of his colors. He makes the cutest I love you fingers. I am counting my blessings 1, 2, 3, 4, . . . 5! I am so excited the Lord is blessing us with one more.

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I am sooo coming over right over! CONGRATS!