Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music, Yeah!!

Sunday night Sandy and I sat and were checking out other peoples blogs. Yes we were blog surfing. I kept coming across music on other peoples blogs and decided that I wanted music on ours. Almost every blog we were on had tons of country music. Not being a major fan of country music (when I listen to it my sister's get more attractive)(Not saying anything negative about my sis's either)(good for sis's, bad for country comment). Yes that was a redneck joke. But seriously I really don't enjoy listening to country. so I put together a play list. I tried to touch a few different genre's yet also tried to keep it mellow. Sandy said I needed some kid's songs on there. So I put those. We recently watched August Rush and I loved the music so I grabbed a couple of those. I put one of a Hawaiian singer that I REALLY enjoy. I even touched on classic rock as well as some techno. I also chose some comedy songs that I really like. There are two songs on here that are important. One is the first song that Sandy and I danced to, the other is one that Sandy REALLY hates. The first is probably easy to figure out. The other might not be so easy. You decide. I like them all and will try to change them occasionally. I hope you enjoy and if you don't oh well. My intent on the music was to be able to put some on there that you wouldn't mind coming to our blog and just let the music play. I can't put all the music that I like because that would probably weird some people out and my music tastes. Well that's enough rambling for one night. Until next time, Same bat time, Same bat channel.


JeniRae said...

Good to see you guys posting. my guess - one if zz's.

Judy said...

I can't believe how grown up your kids are! I guess I still picture them the way they were when we lived there!! They are cute as can be! Congrats on the new baby - hope all goes well!!

jason said...

Acturally jen, you are wrong on the ZZ songs. guess again