Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ella is doing so good. Her surgery for a g-tube and nissin (to prevent reflux) went well. We spent 2 weeks at the hospital. It wasn't too bad. We moved into the Ronald McDonald house and that was wonderful. The drive back and forth was hard. So we just moved the whole family up to Salt Lake. Jason commuted back for school. The kids were able to be in Ella's room, so we did our lessons in her room and then played in the playroom the a lot. I love Primary Children's Hospital because they are so kid friendly. The kids made play dough and slime, played games (Jason is awesome at fooseball), built hotwheel tracks, did medical play (I think Kieva could give me an iv if she wanted), painted more crafts then I care to name, and made friends. While there we went to the Children's Musem and a special Shrek the Final Chapter showing and party. It is so nice now that Ella doesn't have tubes taped to her face anymore. She is much happier and so cute. Yesterday I brought her back my bedroom and laid her on the bed when I walked back in I found her content and cuddled up with her dad. Kieva loves to take care of her. She even took her back to her room the other day and laid Ella on a blanket and just let her chill while Kieva cleaned her room and read. Zak is a sweetie and takes good care of Ella too. He was the first of the kids to suction her and help me change her trach. Geoffrey loves to help and take care of her as well. He will often tell me "I'm your helper remember." Jason has set an air raid alarm to remind me to give Ella her meds. Whenever it goes off Geoff comes running telling me to give Ella her medicine. Jason is so good with her. Her has rocked her for many hours and is always the one to get up with her at 5am when the nurses leave. We are starting to really figure Ella out. She is doing great.

(By the way, this was not a posed picture. I was, emphasize was, sleeping right up to the point when the flash went off two feet from my head. Not sleeping so much after the shot.-- JF)


Chelle said...

So fun to see pics of Ella! Glad she's doing well. I know what you mean about getting everyone to the park. We did it Tuesday. The kids will help, mine do.

Hope things continue to go well!


The Gooding Family said...

What a sweet picture! I enjoyed reading about how much everyone loves Ella. Thanks for the update!