Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trafalga Homeschool Day

We had a blast at Trafalga last Wednesday. There were probably 100 homeschoolers there. We had lunch and then got a 2 hour pass to do whatever we wanted. The go carts were fun, the kids are begging to go miniature golfing again, and I am queen of the jumping video game. Lots of fun. It was also cool to hang out with so many homeschoolers. We met some fun people and I'm excited to see them more. There are so many home school activities around here we have to pick and choose which ones we will go to. Friday we will go to a park day for the Orem and Provo homeschoolers. This is mostly for Geoff's benefit. He has been asking for a month when summer was, because somehow he got it in his head that whenever this magical thing called summer comes around you go to the park. Jason will be in school, so I get to bring Ella. That ought to prove to be venturesome.


Angi said...

Looks like fun! Sandy, I love the look on your face! It was so great to see you at Triston's (Candi & Greg) party!! I sure do miss you! XOXO ~Angi

Lana said...

Looks like a blast. Geoffrey hasn't changed much. Still very you all

Jenni said...

wow lots of fun. i bet it is fun to have 100 other homeschoolers too.