Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bird Bird Bird Is the Word!

I do not know if all of you know my Moms love of birds and naturally if a Mom loves birds her kids are  prone to love the also.  So, yesterday we went birding with our LDS/ homeschooling/ birding friend around lake Como.  We saw some really cool birds here are pictures of the birds we saw!  We did not take any of the pictures our friend took one of them but the rest were found online.  

This little guy we still have not figured out what exactly it is but, I do know one thing this guy is cute!

This beauty is a Baltimore Oriole.  We were walking around the lake Como.  Zak was walking ahead suddenly he come running back "There is a Baltimore Oriole up ahead I think it might still be there! Hurry!"  I go running ahead and, there it is in all it's glory. So us and our friends are standing in the path admiring the bird and a guy comes walking along dressed in a button up shirt and sunglasses "What is it?" he asks "It is a Baltimore Oriole!" "Oh, I thought it was something important." This bird is not rare or anything but, we had never seen it before and it is obviously beautiful!  
 This is a Cedar Waxwing.  It looks so cool!  I think it kind of looks like a businessman perching there all regal and important looking.  Isn't it pretty! 
The last really cool bird we found was a Double Crested Cormorant it was perching in a tree like in this picture.  We were walking along and I point out this big black bird siting in a tree so, we pull out our handy dandy binoculars and look in our guide book and what do ya know it is a double crested cormorant!  This bird is not rare either but, it is not super common either.  
Yesterday was such a great day!!!

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