Sunday, July 13, 2014

Minnehaha Falls

So I decided to do a backtrack pos to May 2014 when we went to minnehaha falls frozen.  When we uploaded the pictures off my mom's phone today I decided to post the pictures.

Behind the falls in some places it was slippery and so you could slide down a sheet of icd but, it was hard to get back up.
Aren't the falls beautiful!
This is from behind the falls looking down at the melting ice below.  We went down and Geoff actually fell through the ice but we pulled up quickly and he was absolutely fine.
Some of the ice behind the falls looked blue it was sooo cool!
 This is my and my LDS homeschool buddy Lydia.
The ice/snow was so high high up on this bench!

I also wanted to say that we had the missionaries over for dinner and Elder Rudd ate 14 rolls! 14!   

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