Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pool Day!!!!

You might think that since we live in the land of over 10000 lakes, and a winter that goes below zero that people might not build outdoor public pools.  Well if you thought that, you are wrong!  Lakes are great fun but, it is nice to go swimming in clean water!  And that is exactly what we did today it was sooo much fun!  We went with our birding friend Rebecca and her 5 kids.  There was a lazy river.  How can you ever go wrong in a lazy river?  This pool is so cool!  There was a Zipline!  I have a video of  Zak and Geoff doing it!

We are so proud of Geoff!

We took a lot of pictures at the pool so there will be a 1000 pictures in this post.

Geoffrey loves his brother so much!

Me and my wonderful mom relaxin'!

This is the rock climbing wall.  You climb as high as you can or want then jump in!

Geoff jumping off the diving board!!!

 . . .

Now isi there any better way to end a day than with a great dinner? What is a better dinner that some delicious cone of ice cream?!?  Nice and messy ice cream.


Ella love her daddy so much!

It was such a fun day!

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