Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fossil Hunting!!!

Today's adventure was fossil hunting!! We were going to go to Minnehaha falls today but, considering that the warmest it got today was 70 degrees we reconsidered and went fossil hunting which we were going to do later in the week.  We went with our friends the Seldens. We went fossil hunting at Shadow falls this is first time we have gone there.  There was sooo many fossils!  The falls were teeny tiny.  It was fun, even though Ella cried the whole time.  At the entrance to the trail there was also this monument to the those who fought in the "World War" it didn't say which world war.  It was this tall granite poll with a granite cross on the top.  It was really quite tall and slightly random and really cool.

 Rocks!! I mean fossils.

 And more and more and more!!

It was such a fun day!

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