Thursday, August 14, 2014

This and That

Even though there is sooo much to blog about I don't like reading or writing long blog posts so this probably won't be that long.  This past week and a half has been CRAZY!  Zak went to boundary waters,  I went to girls camp, and Ella went to the hospital!  Don't worry Ella is fine.  Her kidneys were being lazy so the doctors freaked out and we admitted her to the hospital they monitored her for a couple days and then sent her home with her kidneys ready to stop being a little less like a lazy bum.  Zak had a great time at boundary waters he didn't lose any body parts.  He got to catch fish and eat the fish he caught, camp, be in nature, and have fun!  Girls camp was great.  Geoff had fun while Ella was in the hospital he got to live his dream life bowling, playing video games, and watching movies!  What could a seven year old boy enjoy more?  Tuesday night at 2:30 we Mom woke us up and drove us 30 minutes away from the cities to watch a meteor shower! It was fun!  Then we went and got doughnuts!

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