Sunday, August 17, 2014

Theif!!! Theif!!!

I think that many of you have heard that some scoundrel stole our trampoline mat and springs!  Who does that!?!?  Here is the story.  One day we came home from running some errands and 14 trampoline springs are missing.  Ok this is strange.  Did someone decide that they wanted to decorate their house with 14 trampoline springs?  So my mom looks on craigslist and finds a free trampoline frame and springs and we had to take it all.  So now we have a extra trampoline frame.  No biggie.  There is a scrap metal dude that will come pick it up for freeeee!  When he comes by to pick it up it is gone?  What?  So now people or doing interior decorating with trampoline frames?  Haven't seen this on pinterest.  So we were telling the missionaries how the frame had vanished and we joked that someone was going to wake up with a missing trampoline mat.  Well . . .  the next morning our trampoline mat and the springs were gone.
 Since you stole two innocent little boys trampoline please  steal the rest of it.  You have no honor.  Heee Hee Hee!  That is right we will guilt trip you till you die!  Bwahahaha bwahahahaha!

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