Monday, February 23, 2015

Swan Park

On Friday we had an awesome day.  We went to swan park.  It is amazing.  Hundreds of swans, geese, and ducks gather their to be fed.  It all started one day when a lady was out feeding the birds.  Her backyard is the Mississippi river.  When overhead flew some Trumpeter Swans.  Back then Trumpeter Swans were endangered.  One of the swan flying overhead had been in a zoo and  so had been fed by humans when she saw this lady feeding the birds she recognized what was going on and decided to come down for a snack.  The lady who was feeding the birds ( I can't remember her name.)  had no idea what this huge white bird was.  Anyway,  the word got around the bird community that this lady was handing out free food.  And in 2011 their was over a thousand swans coming to be fed.  In 2012 though their was hardly any snow.  And so the swans figured out that they could migrate.  So now their is only  three or four hundred swans coming to be fed each morning in January and February.  Here are some pictures.  It was soooooo amazing!!!!

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